Privacy Policy

The bot herein referred to is a Anime-based (Pokemon) Bot and thus each Pokemon has various names in different Languages, we as code developers, provide the User the flexibility to use the preferred language of their choice to interact with the bot for a smooth user experience. For this feature, the Bot Caches the Alternate names using it as a cross-reference to the Database. Also to note, this data is also volatile in nature and is stored and executed as and when required and deleted soon-after.

Data Storage

Pokemon Bot runs on a virtual private server (VPS) located in NY, United States. Copies of this in-game bot data might be made only for backup purposes or for Test environments and also for planning of future bot updates. These copies are volatile in nature and are discarded within the minimum time spa possible as soon as they serve their purpose. Also to note, no data other than the in-game bot data is stored. Also to note, none of the user or server specific data is publicly available.

Information we collect

Pokemon runs on a virtual private server (VPS) located in NY, United States, copies of this data might be made for backup purposes or to test and prepare bot updates. This copies will only be kept for the minimum amount of time required for them to serve their purpose.

Error data

Error log for the bot is maintained for debugging and fixation purposes, as such event log is stored for commands as soon as an error occurs.


For improvisation, better monitoring and rectifications, aggregate data for the bot commands is collected. For example, our Bot collects data like the enumeration of commands (globally) executed, while maintaining the anonymity of the user. Also to note, none of this data is user or server specific.

Data Caching

Bot allows users to query basic in-game information from the discord api (like username/avatar/badges). This information is cached by the bot for up to 1 hour to reduce the amount of api calls we have to make to the api serving as an intermediary.

Other Information

Some in-game data is specific to servers which allows the server owners to escalate or deescalate the Bot' server permissions(Channel Access and Embed Permissions), such server-specific data is stored and kept to provide service as and when required.

Data Sharing

None of the data, either collected actively or passively, through the use of Bot will ever be shared with third-parties for any reasons. In the event of a legal or law enforcement request, we are obligated to turn over what information the jurisdiction has requested under applicable law after confirming that we have information that may be relevant to an investigation. Also to note, none of the user or server specific data is publicly available.

Data Deletion

At any given point of time, if a user requests their in-game data to be deleted, they can reach out to [email protected] or personal message the Admins directly in the Support Server. Thereon, the request will be processed Asap.